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Welcome to Berg Station

Dear Friends and Visitors,

Thank you for your interest in our website. We are excited to share with you our plans to establish an active retirement Village.

When people come in age, older adults may find their current home too difficult or too expensive to maintain. Some may need help with physical activities.

Active seniors may require a change in lifestyle, and environment where they can receive assistance as necessary.

About Us

Owner Bohol Berg Station Senior Care


… is founded to provide much needed service and human care for older adult members.

We well manage all belongings so you can enjoy your live with the personal touch.

From the gardener to the Nurse, every employee is trained that your feel that you are truly home.

F A Q s


Questions we got or you maybe have

  • is it secure on Bohol?
    yes it is, Bohol is in the middle of the Philippines called central Visayas.
    The Philippines are a democratic Country and independent.
    Panglao island a part of Bohol is one of the biggest Tourism areas
    therefore the Government has a eye on this area.
  • can i move free on Bohol and Panglao?
    of course, you can drive with your bike, motorbike or car like you want.
    Friendly people around you they like to help if you have questions.
    Nothing to fear then your own driving style…
  • Are there good hospitals on Bohol?
    here are several hospitals on Bohol but we recommend the newest on modern one in Tagbilaran City.
  • Can we get an household helper?
    we have staff for household it depends on you how much you want to do or not.
  • How about medical care?
    we can offer medical care services.
    very safe, you live in a village with the owner and other seniors. The plot lays on a plateau and is fenced and guarded. Bohol is not known for crime.
  • how can i make my grocery shopping without a car or motorbike?
    we can offer a shuttle service that bring you into the city and pick you up later again.
    The drive to the city is only about 15 Minutes.



Bohol Circumferential Rd
6302 Alburquerque

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Bohol Berg Station Senior Care



cost efficient
available care
available assistance

BOHOL RETIREMENT SENIOR CARE is created to make your live easier and more comfortable.

You have full control about your own life and how much you want to socialize. We take care about the rest as much you need us. In your stage of life you should not be worried or stressed you should enjoy every of your precious day.

You want a house helper, need laundry service or assistance, we will provide you with all necessary help.We offer all the benefits of living in your own home in a village setting with low maintenance.

Our houses are designed with love and ecologic care. Two bedrooms, one with master bathroom and a separate family bathroom, a living and dining room with an attached kitchen gives you needed space without to isolate. We offer a nice big screened terrace with undisturbed view to  the sea and mountains around us. We have every day a nice breeze from the mountains or the sea. If it is still to warm you can use ceiling fans or your three independent air conditioner. Your hot water get created daily with solar panel on the roof. You have also a 3000 Watt Solar installation for your use to reduce your electric bill. All houses have a small private pool.

If you like gardening to get it more colorful around your house you are free to be creative. We can offer you also a corner of land for your fruits and vegetables if you like


Prime Villa

  • 2 bedroom one with master bathroom
  • family bathroom
  • combined living / dining room
  • attached kitchen
  • spacious screened terrace
  • small stock room
  • 153 sqm living space

The first BOHOL RETIREMENT SENIOR CARE Prime Villa is in construction and will be our design house.
Our concept is flooting and growing from your desires and wishes. The houses are still flexible in design from size and rooms. Roof and colour is given to get a unique picture.

Financial Options

BOHOL RETIREMENT SENIOR CARE offers you a variety of financial options for your independent living. We offer you four financial options you can choose depending from your future financial plan. Contact us for detailed information!


Low down payment 3,5M with monthly lease through 25 years


Affordable down payment 5M with 12 years monthly lease, from year 13 to 25 no lease


Affordable down payment 5M with an low monthly lease through 25 years


One – time payment, no lease payment for the 25 years lease

For your fitness and joy BOHOL RETIREMENT SENIOR CARE welcome you with a infinity pool with save and easy enter and exit.

Next to the pool area is a nice open Pino style hut to relax, meet and enjoy the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the afternoon.

Alburquerque Beach

Bohol Alburqurque has also a natural beach very shallow without stones to offer. The sand is brown and grey, the water warm around 30 degrees Celsius. For a swim in the sea without driving a long distance a nice opportunity.

For a day at the beach we would propose Panglao Dumaluan 6km white beach. There you find a public access, luxury beach clubs and Pino beach clubs. Enjoy the vacation catalog view and tropical feeling.

Dumaluan beach

Active Seniors

for Active Seniors

BOHOL RETIREMENT SENIOR CARE is designed for active and independent retired adults, ages 55 and above, to feel just like home. The accessibility with utility to create independent living. Safe, friendly, and comfortable.

All homes at BOHOL RETIREMENT SENIOR CARE are designed for all ages 55 and above.

The house layout is efficient, open, and friendly for maximize independence and movement. Ceilings are high, the interior doors are from frosted glass which makes your home feel much brighter and friendly.

The windows are big to let the outside environment with the light come inside. A big sliding Terrace door let you overlook the mountain and sea.

We have two furniture packages that can be shown in our model house but you are free to put your own furniture inside.

home design

site development

BOHOL RETIREMENT SENIOR CARE facilities are open to all owners. If you invite visitors then you take care about your visitors that no one get disturbed and the rules of the Village   must be followed.
The center is the pool area with the hut and the sitting areas. The area is nice landscape with even roads and footpaths. You can park your car or motorbike in your own house carport.


BOHOL island is connected to Panglao island with two in the future with three bridges and also in the future Bohol is connected with a bridge to CEBU, this projects are already under construction. And it is only a matter of time that the prices for all real estate will go up drastic. BOHOL is also a good place to stay when there is any pandemic like the covid-19, we never had problems with toilet paper or long ques to come into the supermarket or Malls. All was still very relaxed for us.

BOHOL has so much to offer to explore. It is ideal for island hoping, tours to waterfalls or to PANGLAO beaches and Alona Beach night life. If you explore in Bohol all, you have over 7.107 other islands to explore in the Philippines. Nearby is CEBU with the big Malls and Dumaguete on Negros Island with a nice promenade and night market to view.

We can arrange driver or bring you to tours, there is much to explore here. After all activities you come back to your house to BOHOL RETIREMENT SENIOR CARE and enjoy your surrounding  and life style.

Barbecue, Pizza and bread baking are also things we like to do together, it is more fun in the Philippines.

house cleaning

In our monthly Village expenses is also a weekly deep cleaning included. If you like you make the touch ups we arrange this for you.

optional pick up from your laundry and deliver it cleaned and ironed back.


Even you need a certified Nurse we stay in contact with a Nurse and the new Bohol Hospital to provide you with quick help.

Certified care takers are in contact with us to provide you with the assistance you need. Help for a day or event or every day, we have the solution.


Help is needed for the shopping? We support you on your shopping tour or with a shuttle service.